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There are the facts: a singer-songwriter, an Irish-American daughter, born in an old farm town on the outskirts of New York City, a uniquely talented musician who has studied with legends in their fields, a performer equally gifted in command of both voice and guitar. There are the impressions, left on anyone who sees her perform: the smile, the depth, the soul on display in a three minute song, and of course that voice. But somehow more important than all of that is the music. Her music may be described as pop, folk, blues, or rock, but behind the inevitable labels there is a music that is formed by her own experiences and distinctly her own.

Aileen's desire to enrich her journey began at age 11. She was drawn to live overseas, in a mystical oasis set in the highly secluded mountains of West Ireland, thus beginning her formal musical education in voice. Although mostly self-taught, Aileen thrived in her new musical environs, earning a vocal scholarship to attend the University of South Carolina at the age of eighteen. While in Charleston, Aileen absorbed and interpreted the new sounds and styles of music around her, in a fashion that has continuously marked her musical career.

Flourishing artistically, Aileen taught herself the guitar, began to write music and perform with bluegrass artist Seth Morrison, study with renowned jazz guitarist Bucky Pizzarelli, and record with Southern folk phenomenon Frank Carlier. The songs from this early period in her songwriting are astounding, often epic works of emotion that demonstrate an innate ability to communicate ideas and feelings through song. Today, Aileen has grown this gift into an unmatchable bounty of music, capturing the experience of love, growth and the essence of life through song.

No matter the size of the audience Aileen plays to, she relishes in her ability to connect with them emotionally. As an artist, she tries to inspire people, enrich their lives, and to provide comfort and a sense of community through her music.

Aileen Morgan, Room To Grow

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