Holy Sh*t what a way to ring in my birthday! Awesome time with Run By The Gun!

I've been splashed on Martha Stewart Weddings

Interviewed for the production makeover for "Standing Next To You". See the video here! Thank you to the Ostinato Brothers!!

The Ostinato Brothers are two talented producers who are helping out aspiring musicians by taking their songs and "treating" them. In other words; producing them with a new sound and interpretation, with the goal of bringing out the best in the song. 

They did this with my acoustic recording of Standing Next To You, and also interviewed me when the presented the finished song.

Here's the video and link to see the interview and hear both versions of the song.

Enjoy! :)

Yesterday I was picked up and taken to a great little studio, where I sang my heart out for a really fun and creative project, "Run By The Gun". One of my dearest friends and one of *his* dearest friends have put together a stellar online comic about an NYC rock band, complete with original music. 

I had such a blast and am looking forward to singing for them again! Check out the comic and the current music here ---> site <--- !

I'll let you know when the songs I sang on get published.

Until later, enjoy & keep cool :)



Well I've always admitted I'm not the most well educated musician when it comes to music theory. So when it comes to transposing a song, be it my own or another, it can be a bit tedious. I both love and hate the internet given the subject, but today, I am in deep awe of ---> this  <--- website.

All you have to do is copy and paste the song AND lyrics if you want, tell it what key you want and hit one of the many gorgeous options to have to transposed as. Want the chords to be shown to you in tab form above the lyrics? You got it! Just the chords, no lyrics? Sure! Want it just as a text doc? Yeppers, no problem, coming right up. And so on.

Thank you Logue Internet Services, who ever you are!

In case you were wondering, below is what I was transposing, soon to be recorded!! (And no snickering over the chords I was transposing!!! ;)


Happy noodling!




I've lived in castles

I've shared walls with drug dealers

The music played on

Yay! New photos are up on the gallery page for you to look at. Going through live shots loving taken by great folks over the years.

This upload contains photos from an incredible international philanthropist, John Lee, and independent music photographer, Laura Foord.




I can't tell you how excited I am that my new and improved website is up and running! And here is why I'm proud. I built the whole dang thing myself. Yep! 

I hope you enjoy it. I'll continue to grow it, so please come back soon!



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